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Mustard Pimp.


To me, Mustard Pimp are one of the reigning kings in the Fidget scene. Their style is wacky and face paced with dirty electro synth styles and ghetto vocals. I can’t get enough of them. Hopefully they will come back to the UK soon and destroy some clubs speakers, hopefully near to Brighton or London! […]

Mr French.


I think it is rare that you share an almost perfect taste in music with a DJ. When listening to mixes I usually have one or two songs at least that I’m a bit unsure of, or in a club, the songs that I don’t mind missing to go for a quick ciggy and have a […]

Their from the Netherlands, so they are bound to be slightly crazy. Mightyfools are currently on tour across America, then heading to Europe for a few shows. Unfortunately only coming to England for one show on 11th December and to rub it in, it is in Leeds. Their bouncy fidget sound is awesome though and […]

Fidget Heroes!


These guys definatley rank up in my top 3 producers. Without a doubt. Once again though, they have never yet come to play any club in England. Someobody really needs to get on this and get a number of DJs over here quick! I’m talking about Stereoheroes. French Fidget at its best, or should I […]